Fundraising Scam Alert: Trump Collecting Voters’ Money for his New Private Plane

4 min readOct 16, 2022

Donald Trump is once again all set to scam his supporters out of millions of dollars as he looks forward to buying a brand new private airplane.

The former president found himself in an unfamiliar territory recently when a plane he was on had its engine fail from the skies of America, resulting in an emergency landing.

This has prompted Trump to send emails to his donors to fund the construction of his new private plane.

Trump Collecting Donations for a Brand-New Private Aircraft

While he was returning from a Republican Donors event in New Orleans to his private residence in Florida, an engine of an airplane carrying Trump failed.

The plane in operation was not the private property of the president, as a Republican donor donated it to the Trump campaign for the event.

Once the plane landed back in New Orleans, Trump eventually got a plane from yet another donor to come back to his place in Florida. The second plane belonged to a donor named Craig Estey, who is the chairman of the Nevada Restuarant Service.

Before flying to the fundraiser, Trump planned to ask for money only for the Republican party for the upcoming midterm elections and to swell his own campaign finance for the 2024 presidential elections.

So, while flying to the event, his campaign did not know that it would end up asking for private jet money after the event.

This time he is seeking to build a “Trump Force One,” for which his campaign emailed fundraising requests to million of Republican donors. Reportedly, the donation requests he sent asked people for recurring donations of as much as $2,500 per month.

The email which the campaign sent to the supporters mentioned,

“Do you want to see the new Trump Force One? I have a very important update on my plane, but I need to trust that you won’t share it with anyone. My team is building a BRAND-NEW Trump Force One.”

(Trump donation request to Republican voters)

Before the emails, no one knew that the construction of the aircraft was already underway, and no media channel reported it.

However, Trump noted in the email that the construction “has been under wraps.” It is quite a possibility that the Trump campaign lied to the supporters about the ongoing construction of the plane to pull in maximum donations and not look desperate for a project that is supposed to be started from scratch.

Donald Trump has a History of Looting His Supporters

This is not the first time that Donald Trump made headlines for his controversial and desperate pleas for donations. The case of the recurring donations makes the whole episode even more controversial.

Not long ago, Trump was found in yet another recurring donation scam when his campaign came up with pre-checked tick boxes, which most donors forgot to turn off, only to find out later that they had unwittingly donated thousands of dollars to the campaign. The same could be the case here as well, as the campaign is asking for recurring donations; however, it still remains unclear if the message is coming with the pre-checked boxes.

Then came another scam of Donald Trump, which he is pursuing in the form of Truth Social, a social media app which he is relying on in order to propagate his conspiracy theories and lies. It could also be used to pull money out of the pockets of the Republican party.

Trump Only Wants a New Plane to Have His Name on it

The old plane of the campaign is just ten years old, which he bought in 2011. Since the Biden inauguration, the aircraft has been unused, as it was grounded in New York.

A Trump confidant has even told CNN that the former president is currently using a smaller 1997 Cessna, which he does not like just because it “doesn’t have his name on the outside.”

The grounded plane of the campaign in New York has Trump’s name mentioned outside, and so would the newly coming Trump Force One.

Final Thoughts

Vague laws regarding campaign finances are helping Trump divert donors’ money for non-political purposes. According to experts, money collected through PACs can be used for non-political purposes as well, which paves the way for the Trump campaign to send donation requests to his supporters to buy a luxurious aircraft.




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