January 6 Documents Released: Trump is in a Dead End Tunnel

4 min readDec 5, 2022


Donald Trump has acted as his self-proclaimed enemy on various issues, as his induced attack on Capitol Hill has seen his popularity nosedive.

Even apart from himself, other members of team Trump, especially his lawyers, are also inflicting big damage on him.

The classic example of Trump’s lawyers going against their own client can be seen from the recent Supreme Court decision, where the highest bench rejected Trump’s emergency plea to grant him executive privilege and deny the release of the January 6 attack documents.

Former American president Donald Trump

Donald Trump Loses from Courts Across America at an Incredible Pace

The arguments that Trump’s lawyers made during the case paved the way for anti-Republican forces and made the decision of the Supreme Court easy.

In fact, a series of decisions against Donald Trump came in record time, as he sued the National Archives on October 18 and lost the case in less than one month, on November 9.

Afterward, he lost again in the court of appeals on December 9 and finally bit the dust in the Supreme Court on January 19, 2022.

Now the January 6 investigation committee has access to hundreds of documents that could play a key role in prosecuting Trump.

But apart from the fast-paced decisions of courts against Donald Trump, the substance of the court’s verdict cast even a grim spell on Trump’s personality.

The judge of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals was gruesome and an ego killer for someone like Trump, as the judge directly mentioned,

“There is a direct linkage between the former president and the events of the day.”

(D.C. Court Judge)

Even though there was a common perception that the Supreme Court could give Trump a favor by denying access to the documents, the courts lower in the hierarchy were merciless in their decisions.

The D.C. Court established that a non-sitting president should not be granted a favor of holding documents back from lawmakers that have the substance of how the legislature was attacked.

Conservative Supreme Court is Done with Trump

Conservatives mostly believe that the executive privilege lies in the hands of the incumbent president, and not the former ones, but their very same ideology had blocked their path this time.

Even though they argued that executive privileges should be granted to Trump, their own arguments were anti-conservative in nature.

But the court of appeals was still lenient enough to consider Trump’s plea and think about his executive privileges. But they finally indicated that the current executive, Biden, rejected Trump’s executive privileges claims, so he cannot exercise those privileges.

Even though the court of appeals wording has a silver lining for Trump, the very bench of the Supreme Court which Trump installed went one step forward to blame Trump.

According to the Supreme Court, the need to discuss the scope of the rights of the former president was insane, as there was no precedent of this sort found in history.

The justices had the notion that Trump could have lost even if he were in the office with all the executive privileges on board.

Team Trump had a claim that if the incumbent president belongs to the opposite party, he is bound to overturn the executive privilege of the former presidents.

This may sound like a worthy argument on the surface, but the Supreme Court perceived it another way.

What if some extremely narcissistic president comes into the White House in the future. Should he be granted the ability to either upheld or block the executive authority of his predecessor?

The Supreme Court made a specific decision in Trump’s case, and it may not serve the purpose of referencing any future cases for the executive authorities of the former presidents.

Final Thoughts

Now Democrats have all the power needed to bring Trump to justice as they have the necessary documents to prosecute him.

And the welcome aspect is that even the conservative Supreme Court is not ready to defend Trump’s bid any further, which can open new avenues of investigations against Trump.





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