Trump Endgame: How is Trump Planning to Create Havoc in his Last Days of White House

6 min readDec 6, 2022


The results of the 2020 Presidential elections are crystal clear. President-elect Joe Biden has won and will be become the 46th President of the United States, while President Donald Trump is still not ready to concede.

The matter is getting more and more complicated, as President Donald Trump continues to deny the 2020 presidential race results as the Trump endgame enters the final phases.

In his latest move, Trump invited Republican lawmakers from Michigan to explore new avenues for overturning the election results.

Trump is extremely ignorant of the American mandate. He is still trying to overturn the election results despite CISA’s claims that the recent US elections were the most secure in the history of the United States.

Political and constitutional pundits are worried that the president has something in mind, which is not good for the country.

While Trump’s immature behavior continues, President-elect Joe Biden is busy with his transition plan to build a team that will lead the country out of the worst crisis of its history.

In the Trump endgame, the behavior of President Donald Trump shows that he does not consider this country important; he is like a self-centered child that gets what he wants and does not care who pays the price.

The president believes that he knows everything, and he knows that the election result is not real. He has directed his administration to file lawsuits against the election results, which by the way, are being rejected by courts one by one while also being termed as false and bogus.

In this article, we will be exploring what the Trump Endgame is. We will be discussing how all of this will end and what President Donald Trump has in mind for the future.

Trump Endgame and the denial of the president to accept the election results

It has never been witnessed in the history of the United States that a president continues to deny the results of the presidential election on baseless and bogus claims of voter fraud.

This time is different, as the winning candidate has attained a considerable and historical lead, and the losing one is the sitting president who failed to deliver in every field and pushed the country to the verge of division amid a pandemic and economic decline.

It is pertinent to note here that Michigan is one of those swing states which flipped in favor of Biden after the election night, and Trump filed many lawsuits here.

As Trump knows, he is unlikely to win the state by law. He is inviting lawmakers of the state to push the chaotic agenda of election theft. While the Trump endgame is still unclear in this regard, he is likely to discuss the possible avenues with which he can create uncertainty in the country.

Experts are divided in their opinion about why President Donald Trump is doing this. Some suggest that the mental behavior of President Trump is irregular, and a person with such a mental condition does not know how to accept defeat.

Others believe that the president has financial reasons for doing this, as he will lose the power that comes with the office of the president of the United States. So, he never wants to leave the immense authority that gives him the power to influence global matters.

Some also say that the president has committed irregularities in federal funds and other financial institutions and is afraid that the next government will be sending him to jail for corruption charges.

Despite Trump’s legal attempts, lawyers, as well as political pundits, believe that all of the Trump lawsuits are of no use and are extremely unlikely to flip even one state.

Three pieces of the Trump Endgame

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci went live on CNN to predict three pieces of the Trump endgame. While talking on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Director Anthony Scaramucci predicted that the president has three pieces to his endgame.

The first piece, according to former Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci, is to raise money for future adventures, as the party already has a huge load of campaign debt to pay off.

Secondly, President Trump wants to test his power over the Republican party to check if he is still in control. He is exerting pressure on different party leaders to see that if he will still have control of the party after Joe Biden takes over the seat of the president.

Then finally, the former communication director predicts that “he is paralyzed with fear because he has a whole host of investigations comings” for the financial and other irregularities that he has been committing while in office. Scaramucci also added that ”he (President Trump) is going on January 20, and no one is going to stop that.”

An important thing to mention at this point is that President Trump has continued to raise money even after Election Day to finance the lawsuits, and reportedly, much of that money is being used to pay off campaign debts.

Is staging a coup possible in the Trump Endgame?

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompe, said last week in one of his interviews that “there will be a smooth transition of power to a second Trump Administration.” Not only this, many other Trump aides have been saying again and again that President Trump will serve for another four-year term, even though he has lost the election with a huge margin. This has raised the idea of a coup in many minds.

However, unfortunately, for Trump, that is never going to happen. The Electoral College will meet on December 14, and once they cast their vote, there is nothing that Trump can do because Joe Biden will un-officially become the President and Commander-in-chief and will only have to take the oath on January 20 to show Trump his way out.

Even if the president tries anything like that, he will fail, but his clownish coup will be placing a huge negative impact on the democracy and democratic values that form the basic foundations of the country.

The Possibility of the Engineered Electoral College in the Trump Endgame:

The voices of Trump orchestrating the Electoral College in his favor by hook or by crook are also coming through various circles. Many believe that Trump can try to trick the American mandate by changing the strategy to send electoral voters to the Electoral College on December 14.

As a matter of fact, the United States Constitution tells us about the number of electoral college votes possessed by each state. However, every state has a separate mechanism to select those electorates.

Republican-led states that turned blue in the recent elections can lay down a conspiracy to swear in Trump once again in the White House by changing the methods.

However, the good news about the everlasting American democracy is that states can legally decide the mechanism only up to November 3, a date which has already been passed.

If possible, this could have been one of the most dangerous Trump endgames, but luckily the date has already been passed.


Joe Biden has unofficially won 306 electoral votes compared to 232 of Donald Trump, who is still hesitant in accepting the defeat.

President Donald Trump cannot realize the reality that he has lost and still denies the result because of baseless claims of voter fraud and mishandling of the vote count in swing states.

President Trump claims that this election was an attack on democracy, where he himself is the biggest threat to democracy in the United States. Recently, a parody of a popular Avenger movie went viral on social media, in which President Donald Trump was depicted as Thanos.

The movie hit the spot, as Trump truly is Thanos, who wants to destroy the foundations because of his irregular mental condition and personal fear.




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