Trump’s Hopes Shattered: Biden Officially Wins Enough Electoral Votes for the Presidency

2 min readOct 13, 2022

All the hopes of Donald Trump for winning the White House again have just shattered, as Joe Biden wins enough electoral college votes to be the president. California, a Democratic stronghold, became the state to certify the winning vote for Joe Biden. With this, he is all set to be the 46th president of the United States.

These events in the aftermath of the elections often get ignored, yet this time Trump cried enough foul to make this event worth discussing.

Biden wins electoral college

This win of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was evident, as they won states having 306 electoral votes. However, incumbent President Donald Trump made the elections controversial in his bid to destroy American democracy.

States which have certified Joe Biden’s win until now are given below.

State Electoral Votes California 55 Washington 12 Oregon 7 Nevada 6 Arizona 11 Colorado 9 New Mexico 5 Minnesota 10 Wisconsin 10 Illinois 20 Michigan 16 Pennsylvania 20 Virginia 13 Georgia 16 Maryland 10 New York 29 Massachusetts 11 Connecticut 7 New Hampshire 4 Rhode Island 4 Vermont 3 Maine 4 Delaware 3 District of Columbia 3 Total: 288

States which have yet to certify Biden’s victory include

As the date of the meeting of the electoral college, December 14, nears, the hopes of Donald Trump are diminishing one after another. Donald Trump has also won 222 electoral votes, with Missouri still left to certify Trump’s win.

He has already said that he will leave the White House in case of the official victory of Joe Biden. As Biden wins electoral college officially, he is left with no choice other than announcing his 2024 election campaign, which he recently hinted at during one of the gatherings at the White House.




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